Downtown Parking

Meridian Downtown offers many free parking options for downtown patrons, business owners, and their employees! Of course, as business owners and employees we all want to see our downtown businesses succeed, so let's all be courteous neighbors and leave the free two-hour parking in front businesses free for customers. This can be so critical for restaurants, retail shops, salons, and even offices that serve older clientele who will appreciate being able to easily access the building that brought them into our neighborhood.

Business owners and employees of downtown business can look to options such as the Masonic Lodge parking lot (solid blue, public parking from 6am to 6pm M-F) or near Centennial Park, along 3rd, Broadway, or any of the other solid green areas on the map below. Get your steps in on your way to and from your car while also supporting your neighbors who rely on convenient parking for their customers.

Thanks for being a good neighbor!